Affiliate Agreement

By validating your PayPal email address you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.

  1. Joining the Affiliate Program
    By validating your PayPal email address you will automatically become an affiliate and as such are bound by the terms of this agreement. Your participation in the Affiliate Program is solely for this purpose: to legally advertise this website and receive compensation based on the products purchased by your referrals.
  2. Commissions
    Commissions for the Affiliate Program work a little differently than you may be used to. Instead of receiving a percentage of each sale, the Affiliate Program allows the customer to pay you directly for that same percentage of sales. For example, if the commission rate is 50% (1/2), instead of receiving 1/2 of the purchase amount of every sale, the Affiliate Program has the customer pay you directly for 1 out of every 2 sales. This works out to the same 50% commission amount, but your commission payments go immediately into your PayPal account.

    Sample Commission Payout Schedules
    40% 50% 60% 70%
    1st Sale: Vendor Vendor Vendor Vendor
    2nd Sale: Affiliate Affiliate Affiliate Affiliate
    3rd Sale: Vendor Affiliate Affiliate
    4th Sale: Affiliate Vendor Affiliate
    5th Sale: Vendor Affiliate
    5th Sale:
    “…” = Payout Schedule repeats from the 1st Sale

  3. PayPal Account Requirements
    In order to provide our customers with a trouble-free buying experience, you are responsible for maintaining an up to date PayPal email address and a primary contact email address (they may be the same) that are tied to either a Premier or Business PayPal account. Make sure you’ve configured your account with these settings:

    1. Profile >> Selling Preferences >> Payment Receiving Preferences:
      Ensure that no payments are blocked. Blocked payments will result, again, in the failure to record the transaction.
    2. Profile >> Selling Preferences >> Website Payment Preferences:
      Turn off the Block Non-encrypted Website Payment option
  4. Refunds
    Since your commission payments will be paid to you directly by the customer, you are responsible for refunds on any requests for which you are paid for the sale. If you should ever have to issue a refund, the Affiliate Program automatically modifies your statistics statistics so that your commission payouts are immediately put back on track.
  5. Revocation of Membership Status
    Your affiliate application and status in the Affiliate Program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:

    • Inappropriate advertisements (False claims, misleading hyperlinks)
    • Engaging in “cold marketing” techniques to acquire customers. Cold marketing is defined as any promotional activity that is geared towards random individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with the member. These include:
      1. Telemarketing or the use of any automated telephone equipment
      2. Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc…)
      3. Mass mailings to random or compiled lists of persons with whom you have no prior relationship
      4. Mass distribution of printed material (leaflets, flyers, brochures, doorhangers, etc.)
      5. Posting messages to any site, service or other communications channel where the content of the message is not allowed by custom, or where it is specifically forbidden by the terms of said site, service or communications channel.
    • Using “sales literature” that has not been provided by the Affiliate Program
    • Using a trademark, service mark, logo, or copyright of any of our vendors in any material not supplied by the Affiliate Program or in any way not approved by the Affiliate Program.
    • Advertising or posting affiliate links on sites which contain hate speech, engage in or endorse illegal activities.
    • Failure to satisfy refund requests for sales that you were paid for.
  6. Affiliate Links
    You may use graphic and text links both on your website and in emails. The site may also be advertised “offline” in classified ads, magazines, and newspapers. You may use the graphics and text provided to you by us, or you may create your own as long as they are deemed appropriate according to the conditions in 5.
  7. Affiliate Tracking
    When a web surfer clicks through your affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser that contains your affiliate information. Also, their IP address is tracked in the database along with your affiliate ID. When this person decides to buy a product, the script will look for this cookie and/or try to match their IP address to identify the affiliate who will be awarded the commission. Visitors sent through your affiliate link may make a purchase later in time and the commission will still be awarded if the cookie is present in their browser and/or they are using the same IP address as the one logged in the database. Cookies expire in 90 days but are renewed each time a visitor arrives at our website through your affiliate referral link. Cookies can be overwritten if the visitor arrives at our website by means of another affiliate’s referral.)
  8. Terms of the agreement
    These terms will begin upon your signup with the Affiliate Program and will end when your membership in the Affiliate Program is terminated. The terms of this agreement may be modified by us at any time. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your membership. Your continuing participation in the Affiliate Program will constitute your acceptance of any change.
  9. Liability
    We will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, and any results of “intents of harm” to the Affiliate Program or our website. We do not make any expressed or implied warranties with respect to the affiliate program and/or products sold at this site. We make no claim that the operation of the affiliate program and our website will be error-free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.

By validating your PayPal email address you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.